Comfort Innovations

KBH Shoegasm understands the unparalled level of support for stylish shoes that are actually comfortable. Stylish Shoes with a comfortable and supportive perspective are no longer a contradiction in terms.  KBH has embraced new innovations in comfort technology, including exclusive cushioned insoles, unrivaled arch support and creatively hidden foam foot beds.  Our exclusive insoles help redistribute your weight and balances your foot inside the shoe. 
Our goal is to take the pain out of the beauty and we don't believe in over pricing the shoes because of Brand Name. It's about value; giving you a good shoe! Glorious relief for your feet! You will feel confident, powerful, sexy and comfortable!   Try on a pair at a KBH Shoe Party and you will experience a KBH Shoegasm! - Recognizing  design, quality, and comfort. 
Style and Comfort form our mission of priority.  Our exclusive insoles also eases the stress of the ball of the foot that is created by the high pitched angle of heels. We've accomplished the fusion of style and comfort with footwear designed with a focus on both the complex mechanics of a woman's delicate but strong foot, and the ergonomic factor.  You will comfortably and confidently walk all day with out fatigue or pain. 
KBH's Shoegasmic Solution provides a unique class of stylish, exquisitely crafted footwear,  works of art for all occasions.  We use only the best manufacturing factories with an emphasis on quality not quantity....  Our Shoes will pamper your feet in more ways than One!